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Farm Stand Open for the Season
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Yes! Finally Right! A little later of an opening date than planned but we're open for business starting Saturday June 31st.

As well as our produce we'll be selling goods from other local producers including local meats, honey, maple syrup, jams. When we can't supply some favorites like corn, tomatoes and melons we'll be getting them in from a little further afield

Visit our Farm Store page for more details on what's in season at EverGood Farm.

Stand Hours:

Saturday 10-4pm
Wednesday 2-6pm
Friday 2-6pm

CSA Memberships Sold Out for 2017

CSA enrollment for the 2017 season is now closed. Thank you to all of those who got signed up. For those of you who missed out we'd love to see you at the Farm Stand. No need to miss out on those fresh summer veggies.

What, No Farmers Markets this year?

That's right! After six years of attending farmers markets we've decided it would be best for the future of the farm to invest our time developing our own stand on the farm. The farmers markets have been very kind to us and a great way to get ourselves out into the community. We think it is time to branch out on our own and sink our teeth into something we can really get passionate about.

Want to Help?

We have a lot of exciting changes planned on the farm this year with many opportunities for you to come and help out in any capacity. Your time on the farm should be rewarding to both you and the farm. Check out our Education page for ways that you could help then contact us for a chat about ways we can get together this summer.

How's the Farm Looking?

Summer has brought lots of rain this year
. The crops are a little behind but looking good with the occasional warm spell helping things out. We have tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in our greenhouse and caterpillar tunnels and hay down as mulch on all of our longer term crops. We're enjoying the no-till system and are already turning over beds into new crops within a day of harvest. Emmett is attempting a much bigger garden this year than last taking up 5 beds this year which is way up from his 1/2 bed last year. Can't fault his farmer optimism and enthusiasm!

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