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Other names:
Italian parsley, curley parsley.

Parsley contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much iron as spinach, is rich in vitamin A and contains folate, potassium and calcium. What’s more, parsley is also recognized for its cancer-fighting potential.

Parsley leaves a lovely fresh taste in the mouth. For a natural breath freshener, try a sprig of parsley!

Parsley is commonly used in omelets, mashed potatoes, soups, pasta, scrambled eggs, vegetable dishes, etc. It is also used in sauces, that are made for fish, veal, pork, poultry, etc.

Celery tops, cilantro.

Parsley can be stored by placing the stems in water (replace every 2-3 days) and placing in the refrigerator. Leaves should be dry and can be covered with a plastic bag.

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