EverGood Farm

2 ways to buy from EverGood this Summer

1. Online (Most preferred method)
We're moving to a largely online sales model to reduce health risks for our customers and ourselves. Check out our Health risk management page to see what we're doing to help keep everyone safer.

2. Browse the Farm Stand
Depending on mitigating factors the Farm Stand MAY be open this year. Please make sure to verify the stand is open before making the trip to the farm.

Click here for the latest update on Stand Hours.

We will NOT be attending any Farmers Markets this season.

2 ways to receive your produce when ordering online

We've partnered with FarmersWeb to take online orders.
Here's how you can get your orders:

Option 1: Pick up at the Farm
  • Customers will be able to place orders online on FarmersWeb from Thursday through Sunday
  • Pickup at the farm to take place Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the following week
  • No minimum order amount
  • No packing or delivery fee

Option 2: Home delivery throughout the Northwoods
  • Customers will be able to place orders online on FarmersWeb from Thursday through Sunday
  • Deliveries will take place on Thursday or Friday of the following week
  • $20 minimum order amount
  • $6.99 delivery fee per order

How do I sign up to order online?

1. It's free to sign up.

2. If you'll be using Farm Credits email us and we'll gladly set up your account for you.

3. To pay solely by credit or debit card as you order follow the instructions below:

Go to FarmersWeb.com and click 'Join' then 'As a buyer'
in the top right corner of the page.

You will be asked for some basic information:
Name, Zip code, Email and Password

Click 'Create Account'

You will be sent an email to confirm your account

If EverGood Farm does not show up then search for EverGood Farm or
search for farms in your area based on your Zip code.

That's it!
You're ready to get Fresh Produce for pick up or delivered to your door
from EverGood this summer.


What's the best way to use the online service?
We think the model lends itself well to purchasing 2 weeks worth of produce when ordering. With our produce harvested to order there should be no issue with freshness over the 2 weeks.

Can I reduce the delivery fee?
If a business or home drop off site can average 4 or more deliveries each week we would waive the delivery fee. The $20 minimum order would still apply for those using the site.

Think you could host a drop off site?
Please contact us if you think this might be a possibility.

How do I pay?
FarmersWeb allows you to pay for each order by credit or debit card on the website. Payment is not applied until 2 days after the order is delivered to allow for any discrepancies between what was delivered and the order that was made to be reconciled.

If you prefer not to use a credit or debit card online, we will still be utilizing our Farm Credits system where you can pay with your credits and we will subtract your order total each week from your balance. You'll receive an email with your updated balance each week after your order is picked up or delivered.

Email us if you'd like to use Farm Credits to order and we'll set up an account for you.

Service areas
We will roll out more service areas as the season rolls on and we get larger amounts of produce. The roll out areas will most likely be opened in the following order:

Farm Pickup
Rhinelander / Sugar Camp / Three lakes
Eagle River
Minocqua / Woodruff etc

What if I'm outside your service area?
The following options are open to you:
  • Pickup at the farm
  • Ask a friend in our service area to order for you
  • Ask a friend who is in our service area to receive your order for you. (Use their address when ordering).
  • There may be a host in our area where your order can be dropped off. (You'll save on the delivery fee too).

How do I use my Farm Credits?

FarmersWeb allows us to continue using our Farm Credits system.

If you think you'd like to use your credits when purchasing online please email us. We will set you up as a customer able to pay with credits.

Then you will have the option to pay with Farm Credits or credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, farm credit customers will not receive 10% off their purchases as in previous years due to the extra overhead of maintaining the online ordering system.

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