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What we're doing to reduce health risks

EverGood Farm has always been well aware of the potential health risks in the production, storage, packing and delivery of food, particularly relating to vegetable products. We strive to make our products as safe for the consumer as possible while also reducing health risks for farm workers.

The produce industry has long been aware of the potential damage that can be caused by harmful pathogens and here at EverGood we take the utmost care to reduce risk and uphold industry standards to keep our products safe for the consumer.


The COVID-19 outbreak has created new concerns that effect not only our production and delivery systems but also our role in the community. EverGood Farm takes it's role seriously in not adding to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. As such we have implemented an online ordering system to limit the amount of physical interaction between farm employees and the public allowing our customers to buy the highest quality, safest produce around from their homes.

Why the need for change?

Number one: the safety issue for ourselves and our customers. We feel obliged to help in the fight to suppress the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading by reducing the amount of time people need to spend in public and in close proximity to one another.

By limiting personal contact, ensuring the transfer of goods is physically a one way transaction, and being more control of the product until it gets to the customer's home, we'll limit the potential of the virus to spread.

Number two: farming is a fickle business at the best of times and we really can't be relying on a market that can be shut down at any time during the season. There's too much insecurity in the environment to safely say "Markets will be open this year".

Number three: we need to keep ourselves safe and healthy for the continued operation of the farm. Should a member of the farm contract COVID-19 we would discontinue produce sales immediately. One disastrous year on the farm could have dire consequences for its future.

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