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Photo Albums

Here's some snaps from 2017. Lots of changes on the farm this year with moving to a no-till system, a new farm stand and the boys getting bigger...

Some photos detailing some happenings in 2016. Our intern Tim is an intrepid photographer. He added some nice shots to this years tally.

Here's some close up shots of some of our most beloved crops that we grow. Try not to drool on the keyboard!

Farming is about much more than growing food. It's about community. Here's some folks that help make the farm happen.

Spring is an amazing time of year with so much energy and potential in the air. Here's some photos to give you an idea of what spring is all about on the farm.

This is definitely our busy time of year but we managed to get out and take a few shots with the camera.  In winter it's great to look at this album and remember what the fields look like in full bloom.

Fox Hill Photography first came out to the farm in 2011to take some photographs for their own archives. We're very honored they've let us post some  of their great photos.

Fox Hill Photography came back in 2013 to take some more field shots and indulged us with some family photos also. Thanks Polly and Dan. We love having you out here!

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